Newbies: What it's Like Stepping into the Sugar Dating World

Becoming a sugar baby is not as easy as we all think. There are lots of things to consider. One major deterrent coming to terms with the idea of selling your body for money. Oh, well, you may not want to think of it that way but it is, in fact, the reality of sugar babies. Twist it all you want but truth is, you are there for the money. This makes it difficult especially for newbies in the sugar dating world.

I stumbled upon an article where a sugar baby shared her story on becoming a sugar baby and I thought it was worth sharing to help others thinking of delving into this sugar pool. Stick around!

As usual, she and her friends had always played with the idea of selling their bodies for money but this time she started taking it more seriously due to her deteriorating financial condition.

However, it wasn’t as easy as signing up to a sugaring website and waiting for potential sugar daddies. She battled with the idea of selling her body for sex, the potential violence involved, and keeping her ‘normal’ life private.

After months of struggling with the idea in her head, she decided to read up on becoming a sugar baby. You need to know what you are getting into, right?

In her search, she discovered a few foolproof tips to becoming a sugar baby. Here are some of the tips she shared.

  • First, you should always meet potential sugar daddies in public places.
  • Remember to use fake names and block your numbers too.
  • Be sure to tell your friends where you are going to. You can’t be too careful.
  • Perfect your skills with sugar daddies you are not interested in so, you will be better at the game when you meet your dream sugar daddy-sugar
  • And lastly, always trust your instincts.

These tips fueled her desire and gave her a good view of what she was getting into. So, she started out on her journey of becoming a sugar baby.

First things first, she had to join a sugaring website. Using a fake email address, she created a profile with Sugar Daddy Meet-  one of the bosses in the block.

To protect her private lifestyle, she used old pictures from Facebook and set the privacy to ‘friends only.’
On her profile, she set her monthly budget to $3000, which was way higher than what she spends though. However, she found out that her budget was more realistic compared to most sugar babies who would start anywhere from $9,000/month.

As days rolled into weeks, her profile got an increasing number of views and messages. Although a few bad eggs came along, that isn’t different from what you usually experience on snap chat and other social media platforms. So, she let it slide.

As with trying anything new, she had the rush of adrenaline all over her. Sugar Daddy Meet quickly took the place of other social media platforms. She found herself spending more time there and exploring sugar daddies’ profiles.

Soon enough, she started taking meetups and dates. It was not so different from the traditional first date. Except for some weird conversations though. She always kept the conversation simple and fought to steer it on course when it starts derailing.

She was able to conquer her fears and got comfortable in her skin with time.

Now, she has a better hang at the sugar dating world and it has been a merry-go-round. She has moved from charging $1,200 per month to $300 per date.


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