Steer Clear from These 5 Topics While Discussing With a Sugar Daddy

As a sugar baby going on the first date with a potential sugar daddy, keep in mind that every little thing counts. It is not enough to know what to say, you should also learn about the topics to avoid. Most sugar babies blow their chances on the first date. These men are smart and, of course, have more experience than you. They can easily sniff out pretense or someone trying to pry into their privacy. With a wrong topic, you can blow up your entire efforts in a sec. Therefore it crucial to learn of these deal-breaker topics to steer clear from while you are on the first date with a sugar daddy.

Your Social Life

The last thing any sugar baby should do is remind a potential sugar daddy that they are in different social circles. And that is what you achieve by telling him of your friends and happenings in your social circle. You will end up making him have a rethink on why he decided to spend his spare time with a teen.

His Private Details

What bigger turn off than acting like an untrained spy on your first date. Avoid asking questions about his private life. Questions about his net worth, marital status, family background, and the likes. As interesting as these questions seem, they are in fact, a big turn off for sugar daddies. Sugar daddies are usually rich successful young men. Questioning him like a detective only scares him away because he may feel you are there to learn of a secret and blackmail him with it. Desist from prying!


Money is a very tempting topic to bring up on the first date. Newbie sugar babies worry about payment arrangement that they can’t wait to dump the question on him. While it is advisable to get things straight from the start, you should avoid sounding desperate or coming off as a gold digger. These men know more than anyone else that you need the money. But talking about payment too soon makes him think you are there for the money, not him. And that is not a first impression you want to create.

His Past Relationships

His past relationship is off limit. I can’t stress this enough. Steer clear of his past relationships – both failed and successful relationships. Why? Because it reminds him of what he had and he may start rethinking continuing with the sugar dating relationship. Don’t go there, girl.

Personal Injustice

Now, ladies, this is important. Save your the-world-has-been-unfair-to-me stories for someone else. Do not bore him with past woes, current troubles or any other uninteresting thing you have going on in your life. Sugar daddies are elderly men who have garnered lots of life experience. They are mentally engaged as such think deeply about things. Don’t scare him off with your victim stories. Save it!


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