Sugar Babies Are Not Prostitutes: Sugar Daddy Tells His Story

Contrary to the general belief that sugar babies are prostitutes, sugar babies are, in fact, ‘normal’ ladies with regular jobs. You would never know they are sugar babies.

While prostitutes sleep with different men for money, sugar baby dating is more like the traditional boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.

Think of it as being in a relationship which can never lead to marriage. Yes, that is exactly what sugar daddy dating is all about, not prostitution. And this is one of many other things that the society gets wrong about the sugar dating world.

A sugar daddy who has been in the sugar dating world for over a decade gives an insight into what it is like in the sugar baby dating world.

The sugar daddy, dubbed anonymous for privacy reasons, narrated that he has been with a sugar baby for 3 years. They have both been dating like the traditional boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.

People get into the sugary world for different reasons. Some college girls just want someone who can foot their bills, working ladies want financial support to lead a better lifestyle, divorced women/men want a stress-free relationship devoid of drama, and on goes the list.

In the case of the sugar daddy of context, he asserted that he chose the sugar dating lifestyle because he has no intention of getting married. He arrived at the decision after witnessing what the no-contest divorce laws in California could do to a man. He narrated a story of a man who lost his retirement savings and house to a woman who got tired of the marriage. The courts always favor the woman. Thus, he explained that he would rather enjoy his single life with sugar babies than lose all of his wealth to a woman.

Furthermore, he stated that his brother is yet fighting a longstanding divorce and custody battle and have spent more than he [the sugar daddy] has spent on sugar babies. What is there not to like?

Back to the sugar babies
He narrated that he met lots of sugar babies over the years on different platforms. And that sugar babies are everyday people with regular jobs. To last more than the first date, you have to get to know each other closer. Consequently, developing a kind of boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.

Unlike creepy sugar daddies, he stated that he treats sugar babies like regular women. He listens to their story and treats them accordingly.

He added that he usually give between $200 to $300 for each visit. That is without the cost of dinner, gifts, and outings.

Some sugar daddies are happy to pay up to $600 per visit though but he wouldn’t go that far. He doesn’t mind to give extra money but that, he said, should be after he gets to know them.

As much as a greater percentage of sugar babies are legit, there are also scammers in there. Some of them claim to be college students when they are not. He advised sugar daddies seeking sugar babies to scrutinize sugar babies before spending their hard-earned cash on them.


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