There are Salt Daddies Too: Sugar Baby Narrates Her Ordeal

Although the sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship is one admired by most ladies out there, there are instances that show the relationship is not all sunshine as perceived by those outside the sugar dating world.

The sugar dating pool is littered with both sugar daddies and salt daddies. Each sugar daddy dating website has its own share of both types of men. A sugar baby shared her ordeal with salt daddies (broke men who pretend to be rich sugar daddies) while in search of a sugar daddy to foot her surgery bill.

Natalie Wood explained that she started off her sugar baby journey after hearing about how much her friend gains from sugar daddies. Her friend, as she explained, lived a lavish lifestyle. One she [wood] had always admired. When she asked how she [her friend] managed to keep up with such a luxurious lifestyle, she pointed out that her sugar daddies did all the heavy lifting (money wise).

Wood was immediately drawn to sugar dating due, in part, to her need for money for her surgeries. She quickly signed up to a sugar daddy dating website and created a profile to supposedly attract rich sugar daddies. Alas, that wasn’t the case. She narrated that some of the men that contacted her were out for sex only. They are not interested in making an arrangement, instead, are always in a hurry to meet up for sex. These men, according to wood, usually put up fake details in their profiles to attract unsuspecting sugar babies.

On one occasion a ‘salt daddy’ touted himself so rich that he owns a Ferrari. Only for him to show up for the date in a Lexus. What is worse? Wood narrated he could only pay for three hours in the luxurious hotel they visited. The signs added up and she could tell the man isn’t actually as rich as he claims to be. He is a salt daddy, not a sugar daddy.

After several encounters with such salt daddies, Wood explained that she can now sniff them even from miles away. She asserted that these men are usually in a hurry to meet. They will never agree to commit but ask to meet up almost immediately. In addition, she narrated that she would go on google to search for their names and if she can’t find them there then, that is the last piece of the puzzle she needs to confirm that these are, indeed, broke men looking for sex, not a sugar baby.

Although there are bad eggs in the basket, Wood explained that there are good ones too. She continued her search and fate smiled on her.

She met a man she referred to as her mentor who was not about sex like others. The sugar daddy was willing to foot the bills for her breast augmentation and liposuction. She stated that she has never had a sexual relationship with her mentor but that didn’t deter him from offering her financial support every now and then. He only wants companionship and that is what Wood offers him. He is very understanding, Wood added.


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