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Full Review of Whats Your Price

Described as "a market for dates of purchase and sale," WhatsYourPrice allows men to locate attractive women who want to be paid to go on dates. The company claims to have helped more than 650,000 men and women make appointments and has performed at Forbes, TIME, Daily Mail and more. was created by the founders of in 2003 and is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. The company was rated A by the Better Business Bureau, with only five complaints resolved in the last three years. Reviews of the site's online clients seem to be mostly negative, and the most common complaints are false profiles that only target your money, materialistic women and the presence of escorts.

Member structure

As mentioned earlier, women are more likely to receive (and request) offers for first appointments than male members. Some have complained because there are women who fall immediately after the first appointment. But there are also others who say that with a website called "What is your price?” You see what you get. A large percentage of the members are female students who must be on the site to pay their fees. The members come mainly from the United States, followed by the United Kingdom and then Canada. According to an analysis of the offers made at WhatsYourPrice, San Francisco is the most "generous" city, with first bids of up to $422.

Signing Up

When you register, you face two questions: your gender and your goal on the site. Your options may be to bid for dates or receive payments for dates. After that, you are allowed to access the site. Although a banner at the top of the page always reminds you to confirm your email address, you can start browsing the site with limited use. If and when you choose to complete the details of your profile, you will be redirected to a page where ALL fields are required. You must indicate your geographical position, your ethnic origin, your body type, your physical characteristics, your education, your income, etc.

Create a contact

The chat option can only be opened once an offer has been unlocked or accepted. Whatsyourprice labels were very specific: generous for the offers of dates and attractive for the recipients. It was not necessary to say it, but the generous members were men and the attractive members were women. Although these labels seem to have been abandoned, these two groups are still dominated by the respective sexes with which they started. There is no way to go the way: if you are a man who wants to be paid for your appointments, it would be difficult to get one per week. Women, on the other hand, in addition to receiving offers, can also offer their preferred amount (counteroffer), but you still have to pay. This is the dynamics on the site for a while and we do not see it ending so soon. The relationships that result from this site are usually sweet in nature, but love can also result.


Although we have read the reviews of men who claim to have succeeded with, the vast majorities of these critics has failed (or are very thin). In addition, all contacts with other members that require the use of credits can be quickly expensive.


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