When An Arrangement Dating Gets Serious

Arrangement dating relationships are a unique form of relationship where the two parties involved clearly define their expectations and the state terms of their relationship. These expectations  may be reviewed over time.

For some who are unfamiliar with the term ‘arrangement relationship,’ it is a type of relationship where the sugar daddy (often a couple of years older) desires the company of the sugar baby (female) in exchange for an agreed reward like gifts, mentorship, or money. So in general, arrangement relationships are also called ‘Sugar relationships’ or ‘mutual benefit relationships’, with both parties at liberty to date on their terms. This type of relationship is mostly short-lived and is not intended to lead to marriage.

Essential questions that bug most readers are; “what if things get more serious than planned, what should be done?” “Can it lead love and commitment?” Read through till the end for answers.

Well, since this kind of relationship has interpersonal elements like with professional cuddles and co-actors in a romantic scene, things could get serious. There are several stories of sugar relationships that ended in marriage. Therefore, undoubtedly, it is vital for both parties to freely express their desires to change the terms of their arrangement when necessary.

A major sign that indicates that thing is getting serious in a sugar relationship is an increased sense of personal commitment from one or both sides. This commitment makes a person care more regardless of previous expectations. Furthermore, both parties begin to pay less attention to the benefits and do much more regardless.  For instance, a sugar baby might start to see the need to have more regular dates with her sugar daddy even if he can’t afford it.

From all these, the first step handling a ‘sugar arrangement gone serious’ is clear!

  • Ensure that you are both on the same page at all times;
  • You must discuss the changes in your feelings towards your sugar partner and also listen to feedback. In additions, when you notice that your partner is treating you differently, or doing more than expected, ask questions for clarity.

  • Don’t be afraid of quitting;
  • If the relationship seems to be getting more serious than you are ready for, it is best to walk away. Since the relationship started based on agreements, it can end in the same manner, and there'll be no reason to feel guilty. Quitting is the best plan, especially with your sugar partner, has another complicated relationship. Walking away is better than getting entangled in the mess or hoping indefinitely for things to change.

  • Go with the flow;
  • Another approach is to live in the moment.If the new feelings are mutual, without too many complexities, and both parties are willing to forgo the ‘arrangement terms’, then so be it. If real love sets in and it’s beautiful, then enjoy it. However, it is important to still keep checking for changes as this phase might also be temporary. So, if you choose this approach, don’t force anything, let things progress naturally.

  • Insist on your terms;
  • Sometimes, when your arrangement gets serious, it may be necessary to insist on your former terms. Your will power, discipline and ability to suppress your emotions may make your sugar partner snap out of the feelings and return to the initial plan. This is probably the most challenging approach, especially when the feelings are mutual on both sides.

    In summary, arrangement relationships can be ‘a complicated mess’ if the dialogue is not kept as open as possible, and if both parties remain too rigid. It is important to stay focused on your expectations from your arrangement relationship and keep your sugar partner on the same page. However, remember that people change, and plans change; so feel free to change what you can and want.


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